The hunt for red November

One of the first parks I visited in Beijing was Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan). The park is best known for its smoke trees, which turn the hillside red in autumn.

I went in November, hoping to make a few nice pictures to send to family and friends back home. The climb to the top of the park took about two hours. Along the way I saw plenty of yellow and golden leaves, but no red ones. To make matters worse, when I reached the peak the view of Beijing was obstructed by pollution.

But the hike wasn’t a total loss. On the way down, I found a trail that led to a pond. The surface was covered with leaves and water lilies. I took several pictures, and then climbed to a higher spot so I could get the people walking around the water in the frame. From there I captured one of my favorite images of my first few months in China.

13 thoughts on “The hunt for red November

    • Thanks for the compliment. I like it here, minus the pollution and dry, long winters. I can almost always find something fun to do on the weekends, and getting around has become a lot easier as my Chinese has improved.


      • You’re most welcome. =)
        It’s good to hear that…
        And y’know, you can always sit back, relax and enjoy everything that you see there.
        Oh, I hope I can learn chinese too… LoL…
        Wishing to see more and exciting adventures in the future.


  1. Pollution was bad when I reached Beijing too. The pilot announced the weather in Beijing was sunny. But I was confused because the ground was covered in clouds and fog when we landed, Yes, it took me a while to realize it wasn’t clouds that we had landed in on the sunny day… it was smog.

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