Oblivious to oblivion

I recently bought an iPhone5, and wow, my life has gotten so much better. Not only can I surf the Web and take high-definition video on the go, but it’s also great for tuning out my girlfriend.

Need to talk about our weekend plans? Sorry, babe, my thumbs are busy. These Angry Birds aren’t going to launch themselves.

Smartphones are great for tuning out just about anything. Oncoming traffic. The cashier at McDonald’s trying to supersize your fries. Your actual job. I can’t remember the last time I gave my undivided attention to a task I was paid to perform. That’s so 20th century.

I do wonder, though, whether these devices are eventually going to lead to our demise. Maybe hundreds of years into the future, when an asteroid the size of Texas is barreling toward Earth at a million miles per hour, the man in charge of firing the missile to pulverize the asteroid and save humanity forgets to push the button at the precise moment because he’s watching a video of cute puppies. Oops, sorry. Guess I won’t BRB. LOL.

But that’s too much deep thinking for this man. I’ve got pigs to kill.

12 thoughts on “Oblivious to oblivion

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    A few years back we traveled in the interior of China where the air was much like what Beijing is said to have now…. you have my sympathy trying to breathe that on a regular basis.

    My wife got an iPhone…. I think it’s good on the whole since it distracts her from paying too much attention to my many faults!


  2. Hey Jimmy,
    You’ve been reading too many post-apocalyptic novels, or smoking some new type of weed! Loved your post! blessings! Charlie

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