The Queen of Beers

If Budweiser is the King of Beers, then Hello Kitty is definitely the Queen of Beers.

Available in six tropical flavors — including passion fruit, lemon lime and banana – Hello Kitty Beer is sure to sap whatever manliness you possess with just one sip. The beer was introduced in Taiwan and is now available on the Chinese mainland.

According to ABC News, the beverage is marketed toward adult fans of the cartoon cat (wink, wink; take a look at the can and judge for yourself).

Out of pure curiosity — I swear — I bought a can of it at a 7-Eleven. After dimming the lights in my apartment, closing the shades and crawling under my bed, I cracked open a lemon lime Hello Kitty Beer and took a sip. It reminded me of Zima, a wine cooler from my high school/college days that was popular among girls who didn’t like beer.

Zima lasted 15 years, before MillerCoors discontinued production in 2008. Unless it’s found to cure cancer or reverse aging, Hello Kitty Beer will be saying goodbye a lot faster.

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