Zima, back from the dead and now available in China

Remember Zima, that lemon-lime alcoholic beverage from the clear drink craze of the early ’90s? Coors Brewing Company stopped producing it in the U.S. in 2008, but it’s found new life in Asia.

The 7-Eleven near my apartment in Beijing began stocking it recently, and just for the sake of nostalgia I bought a bottle. Zima was a staple at house parties when I was a teenager, a drink for girls who didn’t like beer or liquor. Jolly Ranchers, a type of hard candy, were often added to “improve the taste.”

Zima, now available in China.

Zima, now available in China.

Though it’s no longer made in the U.S., Zima is still marketed in Japan, and has a Facebook fan page (in Japanese) with nearly 15,000 likes.

I don’t know how many new fans Zima has made in China, but after trying a bottle I won’t be giving the beverage a second chance. It’s still the flavorless, weak wine cooler I remember from my high school days, best served down a drain.

6 thoughts on “Zima, back from the dead and now available in China

  1. So many memories of Zima and my freshman year of college. I loved it and so did everyone else, guys were drinking it as much as the girls. Shortly after the girls started adding the Jolly Ranchers it became a ‘chick drink’… Not ashamed to admit I miss it, and wish it was still available in the states.

  2. Hello Jimmy, back here in the hinterland of the USA, I never heard of Zima…guess I’ve lived a sheltered life….how about a blog on real Chinese whiskey! Charlie

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