Balancing baby: cute or cruel?

My grandfather Ed liked to balance babies — usually one of his grandchildren — on one hand. He’d hoist them within inches of a deer head mounted in his living room and chuckle, while they either gazed in curiosity or turned and whimpered at the sight of the animal’s antlers.

The Chinese man in the video below takes the balancing baby act to a whole new level, twisting and twirling the boy (who I assume to be his son) over his head and through his legs, much to the child’s delight.

The video was posted on Youtube about a year ago, and has recently been making the rounds on Chinese social media. I can’t figure out whether it’s cute or, given the risk of something going wrong, borderline cruel. Take a look, and decide for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Balancing baby: cute or cruel?

  1. That’s just a bit much. Seems like the boy could easily dislocate a shoulder. But if father and son come from a long line of acrobats, this would be natural. Perhaps the dad has Olympic hopes for his boy as a gymnast.

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