Roast Duck Dynasty

Beijingers love their roast duck. It’s a dish that’s synonymous with the capital and has been served since imperial times.

There’s even a museum dedicated to Peking roast duck (北京鸭子), which walks visitors through its origins and, more interestingly, shows step-by-step how the animal goes from the farm to your dinner plate. The museum is located on the seventh floor of Quanjude (全聚德), one of Beijing’s most popular roast duck restaurants.

First, we see the ducks sunning under radiant blue skies, enjoying their last moments of freedom.


Now in captivity, the ducks are fed to fatten them up, so they can later return the favor and fatten you up.



Stubborn ducks that skip meals will not be tolerated.

Picture 011

Once they’re nice and plump, things get serious and out comes the knife.

Picture 024The guy on the left with the knife looks a little too happy for my comfort level.

Picture 014And of course, you can’t serve the duck if you don’t let it bleed out.

Picture 016

Killing the duck and removing the blood is just the beginning. You still have to …

Picture 026

Picture 019

Picture 020

Picture 021

Picture 022

Picture 025

Just a few more steps in the image below (from left to right).

Picture 028

Last but not least, don’t forget the most important part.

Picture 032

Look at those happy customers.

Picture 029

If all goes well, the spread should look like this.

Picture 034

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